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What the Press (and Others) Say

"In a month's work, the student Concessions Director, Mr Henry Newrick has doubled the number of firms in the concessions scheme."   Evening Post, Wellington, June 17, 1966.

"In the midst of this sorry situation (badly produced tourist publications) there has emerged one publication which shows that somebody (Henry Newrick) cares for quality."  Designscape, August 1969.

"But sometimes a new man seems to toss the rule book away, and still succeeds.  Such a man is Wellington's Henry Newrick at 23, the publisher of a monthly tourist guide Focus on Wellington and a fortnightly newsletter Property News."  Advertising & Marketing News, February 1970.

"Henry Newrick, the man who has the ear of New Zealand's top decision makers."  NBR, June 6, 1972.

"If, at the somewhat tender age of 27, Henry Newrick has won recognition and success, as Wellington's up-and-comer in the publishing and art worlds, it's because he started at 19, and because he works 16 hours a day."   Auckland Star, March 9, 1974.

"At 27, Newrick has launched himself into the world of fine art ... He is the author of New Zealand Art Auction   Records, a painstakingly compiled biographical work, and reference to all auction prices in recent years."   Te Maori, October 1974.

"Mr Newrick has chartered an Air Pacific plane to take 100 businessmen to the congress, among them Wellington property man Mr Bob (now Sir Robert) Jones, who will be one of his speakers."   Dominion, May 28, 1979.

"Dressed in dark, conservative business clothes, Mr Newrick, the manager of a Wellington based syndicate, looks anything but a wild-eyed treasure hunter."  The Age, Melbourne, Jan 3, 1980.

"Veteran publisher Henry Newrick announced a second merger deal in as many weeks, to take over the weekly Economic News.  The move has obvious advantages to Newrick."  National Business Review, July 1986.

"I am sure that we will be able to make great use of your general business expertise."  John Dean, Chairman of the Wellington Regional Orchestra, in extending a formal invitation to join the Board, November 19, 1985.

"I have no doubt that your initiative and experience will result in excellent publishing growth."   Norman R. Glenn, Chairman of Decisions Magazine, USA, May 28, 1986.

"Henry, what are you doing working in a nickel and dime store like New Zealand.  Come and join me at McGraw Hill and you'll earn $250,000 a year."  Jack Patten, Publisher of Business Week, over lunch, November 1986.

"I recall our meeting several years ago and how impressed I was with your marketing and entrepreneurial activities."  Peter R. Kann, Chairman, Dow Jones & Co & publisher of The Wall Street Journal, January 29, 1988.

"Perhaps Newrick's biggest success was starting in 1970 the Auckland based National Business Review, now owned by Liberty Publishing. In the early 1990's, Newrick was headhunted to save a struggling Singapore publishing group ... he still publishes a newsletter which is sold in 40 countries."  Evening Post, Wellington, September 8, 1995.

"Newrick, 50, is a cosmopolitan fellow.  A New Zealander, he dropped out of college (university) and went into publishing when only 20 years old, founding the National Business Review - now the leading business publication in New Zealand.  He sold out after seven years, but continued to pursue publishing interests, first in New Zealand, but later in Hong Kong and Singapore - as well as indulging a passion for art, including writing books on the subject."   Director Magazine, UK, February 1996

"At the age of 11, when most schoolboys are still playing in tree houses, Henry Newrick was already planning his first business opportunity...his journey from past to present is no ordinary tale of climbing the corporate ladder.  Newrick is energised by his new venture (Eurocom)."  Business Age, May 2000. 

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Business Network (Journal of Federation of Small Business – October 2005)

Business Age (May 2000)



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