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How Henry can Help

After a lifetime in business (over 50 years) I have decided to share the accumulated knowledge that I have gained, not just in sales and marketing but also in the general running of businesses.

I have started companies and seen them grow; I have rescued companies in difficulties and have seen my own businesses on a couple of occasions teetering on the brink only to be pulled back. Although it’s no fun being on the cliff edge, that’s when I come alive. “Sink or swim” as my mother used to say.

I have been caught up in four major recessions and battled through – first the oil shock of the 1970’s; then Britain entering the then Common Market and the effect it had on business in New Zealand, followed by the market crash of 1988 (Black Tuesday) and now the current recession originating in the US and subsequently spreading worldwide. This is probably the toughest.

In other words I am pretty battle hardened and above all a survivor. In my youth I had black hair, then as the years wore on it turned grey and now I’m almost Yul Brynner personified. But my health is good and my brain still works. With half my friends either retired or in the process of retiring I’m just getting my second wind. Retirement is the last thing on my mind and hopefully I have at least a good 20-25 years left in me yet.

With that said, whilst keeping my current businesses I have also decided to free up some time and take on a small (very small) number of clients with whom I will work directly and in whose businesses I will get involved. I have set aside a week each month for this purpose.

If you have a business problem of any type (but especially in the area of sales and marketing) I am here to help.

I am accepting no more than 5 or 6 clients (maximum).  My approach is very simple 

1.                  If you have a business that is under-performing and not doing as well as it should then maybe I can help. You are welcome to call me and discuss your situation. It won’t cost you anything.

2.                  If I believe I can assist I will suggest a meeting. This will normally be at my office in Hove (just 60 minutes by train from London) towards the end of a morning after which I’ll happily take you to lunch – on me of course. We’ll discuss your situation in greater depth and see whether we have a meeting of the minds. I am very easy to get along with. After all I’m a ‘Kiwi’ – born and bred.

3.                  If we do ‘click’ and are both interested in moving forward then you’ll have the option of either a half day or full day’s consultancy each month. This could be in our office or at the IOD in London, or on the phone, or a combination. You will also have my direct phone line should you wish to call me on any matter from time to time for a five minute ‘heads up’.

4.                  In addition to working with, and being able to contact me as above you will also have access to my business library comprising hundreds and hundreds of books, tapes and videos on business topics ranging from management to finance to sales, marketing, advertising, copywriting, etc. It was Shakespeare who wisely said “Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for borrowing lose both oft itself and friend” but in if you do become a client then you will be able to borrow. That I promise. To get an idea of the range of books see the Drayton Bird interview on the home page.

5.                  If as a consulting client you choose to use any of our lead generation services you will receive an additional discount on top of our already discounted prices.

6.                  My fee is £1,250 month for a full day’s consultancy and ongoing telephone access or £750 month for a half day’s consultancy and ongoing telephone access. Travel costs are additional (at cost). The initial contract period is for a minimum 3 months after which we can discuss going forward. VAT is additional.

7.                  From time to time I may look at discounting the charge by up to 20% in return for an additional success based fee built around any increased profits I am able to bring you.

8.                  Subject to achieving a successful result for your business I will also ask for a testimonial after the initial 3 month engagement. You might also tell others about my services.

For more information my contact details are below.

Monthly Group Meeting

In addition to the one on one consultancy service offered above, I am also planning to hold a monthly day long meeting here in Brighton & Hove whereby a maximum of 10 entrepreneurs / business people just like yourself will sit around a boardroom table for a good 6-7 hours and discuss each others business, sharing ideas, and offering solutions to problems that group members might be experiencing in their business.

Each participant will have the opportunity to bring issues of concern to the table.

Sometimes this is referred to as a ‘mastermind’ group. I think this is a term that has been much abused for in its original context as discussed by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich the mastermind group in his book were the leading business luminaries of his day – people like Henry Ford; Thomas Edison; Andrew Carnegie –in other words the most eminently successful businessmen around – all multimillionaires and leaders in their field – so that their ‘collective’ mind was considered a ‘mastermind’.

That said there is considerable value to be gained from group meetings such as these. You get to see how other businesses are run; you pick up ideas; your network expands and you meet to share problems with other entrepreneurs just like you. You may even find partners to do joint ventures with.

It’s like having a board of experienced directors – without the expense.

Meetings will likely be once a month on a Thursday or Friday, starting at 10am and finishing around 5pm.

The minimum commitment must be for 6 months (to get value) and the monthly fee will likely be £625 (which includes venue hire / morning and afternoon teas along with a mouth watering buffet lunch).

If you would like to register your possible interest in joining such a group (no commitment at this stage) please email or phone me as under:


Tel: 01273 719 272
07866 696 999



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