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Henry Newrick

Being Interviewed by Drayton Bird, world famous direct marketer and author of Commonsense Direct Marketing

"I recall our meeting several years ago and how impressed I was
with your marketing and entrepreneurial abilities

Peter Kann, Former Chairman, Dow Jones & Co & publisher of Wall Street Journal

Henry Newrick’s life, like most entrepreneurs, has had its share of twists and turns. In 1957, aged 11 while still at primary school, he founded, edited and sold (1d per copy) a school newsletter, The Marist Gazette.   Some years later at university he was Editor/Ad Manager of the Student Guide to New Zealand and Ad Manager of various university magazines, as well as serving as National Concessions Director for the New Zealand University Students Association. This was in the mid 1960’s.

At 18 to help fund his university studies he sold encyclopaedias door to door one year, and building society shares the next. He found these summer jobs preferable to working in the freezing works, the woolstores or the morgue – common jobs for students in those days. Going from door to door at the ages of 18 & 19 also gave a great introduction to selling.

At 19 Newrick launched two business newsletters followed a year later by the award winning Focus on Wellington, a monthly tourist publication. At 23 he founded the National Business Review, which soon became, and still remains 41 years on, New Zealand’s leading business journal – now worth an estimated $30 million+.

After ten intensive years of publishing, with a reputation as New Zealand’s best ad salesperson and suffering from premature burnout, Newrick went into semi retirement for a period, indulging his love of art by opening an art gallery, writing a couple of art reference books, and collecting/publishing limited edition, facsimile reprints of early New Zealand books.

In 1983 feeling bored, and relishing new challenges, he returned to publishing with a vengeance and over the next four years turned a $15,000 bank loan into a publishing group with an annual turnover in excess of $3 million. Unfortunately, the business (Multimedia) was caught by the crash of ’87, and suffered a major downturn in advertising revenues as customers went out of business, or slashed ad budgets. New Zealand was one of the hardest hit countries in the Western world with over 50% of public companies going into liquidation along with thousands of private companies – his among them.

However, it has been said that you can’t keep a good man down for too long and in1992 he founded Business Ideas, a monthly newsletter, which over the next three years gained a circulation of thousands in 40 countries around the world. In 1993 he was a co-founder of Pavement, for the next 17 years New Zealand’s leading ‘alternative’ fashion/music magazine.

In 1994 Newrick was headhunted to become CEO of a Singapore publishing group which was experiencing severe financial difficulties and losing over $1 million annually. Eight months later, and with the company back to profitability, a disagreement with its owner as to future direction, led to his eventual resignation. He then moved to the UK where he was retained by an American group to advise on capital raising for a Caribbean marine salvage operation – more specifically Spanish wrecks in the waters of Antigua and Barbuda. 

In 1998/1999 Henry Newrick acted as publishing advisor to Vision Publishing, a Polish financial publishing company based in Warsaw which sought to launch a magazine called P
ieniÄ…dze (Money). This was from pre-startup until the end of its first year in business.

In 1999, in recognition of the changes taking place in the marketplace, he began investigating alpha numeric phone numbering. It soon became apparent that there was a huge, untapped market in the UK waiting to be developed, and that there were significant rewards awaiting the ‘first mover’.  This culminated with the launch of Team Telecom (Europe) Limited in August of that year.

Since then the company has expanded in various directions with virtually the entire focus being on low cost lead generation for clients throughout the UK. Newrick’s companies are primarily active in areas such as fax and email marketing, voice broadcasting, text messaging and telemarketing. In 2008 he published The Domain Game – a look at how people get rich from internet domain names.

In order to keep up to date with current marketing trends both online and offline Henry Newrick is a frequent attendee at marketing conferences both in the UK and overseas. He is passionate about marketing and is constantly seeking to gain an ‘edge’ both for his own business as well as the businesses of his clients. This is what drives him.

A full list of services offered by the Team Group can be found by referring to the Related Services section on the left of this page.

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